New Interview Mode

This mode was designed to make the process more convenient for both the interviewer and the interviewee. During recording it only indicates that the entry is enabled

Export to Google Drive and Dropbox

Select the file and tap on the icon "Export". The application itself will prompt you to choose exactly where you want to export the file: SoundCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox

Add your own tags

You can tag each comment at any time to assign it to a certain category. In Premium version the number of User’s own tags is unlimited.

Add unlimited number of folders

To sort your records, create any number of folders and just tap on the name of the record during playback or recording and choose a folder in which you would like to put the record

So in case you were wondering what this is all about ...

Use cases


Recording interviews has never been easier thanks to RecAapp. You can highlight the important quotes by simply double tapping on the screen. Putting comments on the recording timeline can radically help you navigate through the whole interview while working on it later.

Lectures and keynotes

Start recording a lecture or an interesting keynote and mark the parts of the recording that may help you recap on it. If you are a blogger and plan to highlight some event or a speech - there is no better tool than RecApp to record it and work with it while preparing your blog post.


Are you in a band? If so - you can benefit from the awesome features of RecApp. Record your jam with RecApp or open a recorded file from the cloud or iTunes in it to make comments on different sections of your song and share it to improve the distant collaboration with your bandmates.

Try It Now

Here are the things that make RecApp really awesome

File import/export:

You can import as well as export all your records with just a few taps. The audio import is based on a standard iOS "Open in" functionality to make the process feel completely flawless. Import the files, make your comments and export them in case you need to deliver the comments information to your counterparts.

Double tap to add instant comment

When you are recording an interview - it can be awkward if you start to type in something on your iPhone when your interviewee is trying to tell you something. That is why we have introduced instant comments - simply double tap anywhere on the screen during recording to add an instant comment which you will be able to edit later.

Change theme color

We have had a long discussion with our team on the colour palette that we would use for RecApp. In the end we have decided to go with two main colors - white and grey blue. If you prefer dark background colours - you can use the dark theme, if you like it when your screen is white and shiny - feel free to enjoy the light theme.  

Fast navigation between comments

We have modelled a case when you have a large amount of comments on a 30 minute interview - how do you find the important comments? The answer is - you use a special screen that lists all the comments on your record and tapping on a comment automatically starts playing the record from the place where your comment is set.

Share to SoundCloud

RecApp allows to quickly and easily share the records that you have done with RecApp to your favourite audio social network. The sharing in RecApp is done as if it were specially tailored for working with SoundCloud - you will have a broad scope of sharing options, including privacy and streaming/downloads permissions.

Use the iOS 8 RecApp widget

You can use the RecApp widget to access your records in a matter of seconds. Also, we've implemented a record button in the widget so that you won't need to look for the app in the home screen. You can start the recording in a matter of one swipe and a tap. The access to your latest records is also designed in a way to save your time and effort looking for the required content.